Mo-zam-bik Restaurants
Mo-zam-bik Restaurants  

Mo-zam-bik started out as a dream between two friends, Ryan Stewart and Brett Michielin. A dream about building family restaurants where they are able to share their passion for food and cooking with you; where you can experience Mozambique right on your doorstep, without needing to board a plane. This dream became a reality when they opened their first of six Mo-zam-bik Restaurants in South Africa in 2005.

The restaurants, which all offer traditional Portuguese cuisine, are based on the authentic Mozambique “Barraca” which in English means “Hut”. Each one of the branches has its own unique character whilst still maintaining the rustic feel of a Mozambique beachside eatery.

Our menu caters for all tastes, with delectable dishes such as Fish topped with a variety of different sauces, grilled Prawns, succulent marinated Chicken and of course the traditional Portuguese Espatada, Trinchado and Prego Rolls.

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