LAM - Mozambique Airline
LAM - Mozambique Airline  

LAM - Mozambique Airlines was founded in 1936 as DETA, a division of the Ports and Railways services. After independence, by Decree 8/80 of 19th November 1980, DETA was changed to LAM - Mozambique Airlines.

The LAM mission is air transportation of passengers, cargo and mail in the domestic, regional and international markets, of regular and non-regular nature, with maximum safety, comfort and quality to satisfy our customers.

Our goal is to make your travel as enjoyable, comfortable and safe as possible. We have been working to accomplish this objective. LAM uses a fleet of Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer aircraft.

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  Maputo, Mozambique
Tel : +258 21 468 800
Fax : +258 82 147 / 84 147
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